Digital Earth, Online Digital Exhitbion
by RE:Store and Winzavod

Kirill’s work made in collaboration with Vanessa Kowalski on the text "How to Avoid Getting the Bends" is selected to be a part of The Digital Earth project by WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center and Apple Premium Reseller in Russia RE:Store.

Identity for the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s
Open Day / Goedemorgen Gerrit Event

Lockdown Questions ︎ @lockdownquestions

A Project collecting the questions people ask themselves during the COVid-19 Lockdown.

The Graare ︎

The Graare [Gerrit Rietveld Academie Augmented Reaity Exhibition] is a virtual multiplatform exhibition made for Graphic Designers by Graphic Designers. We want to show that graphic design and graphic works can adopt and transform to exist beyond the physical form. In these uncertain times, we are using new tech to built a widely acessible virtual exhibition.

Artist of the Month
May 2020, Precog Magazine

Deity Naturing /
Exploring the future ethics of the DNA Enhanced Society

Deity Naturing is a project focused on the consequences of the DNA Editing on the peoplekind. Together with an Israelian-born fashion designer Idan Grady, we are working on a collaborative interactive experience//platform aimed to explore questions of ethics regarding DNA Editing and its consequences. In this project, we are developing an interactive immersive experience through which we raise awareness about the new realities facing the population of our planet. We explore questions like: "Do you believe being human is a question of identity or biology?" and "Is your DNA raw data that you own? If not, what do you think the legal grounds for it will be?".

Kirill Zakomoldin & Vanessa Kowalski
“How to Avoid Getting the Bends’ at Relative Fields in a VR Garden With Precog Magazine and the Virtual Dream Center @ The Queens Museum, New York

The enviroment will be on show at the Queens Museum on February, 16, and later available to downlad at The Virtual Dream Center.

Urgent Fury, presented at an exhibition
The International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam“Urgent Fury” is a work based on the IISH’s archive of the People’s Revolutionaly goverment of Grenada. It was made as part of a research project, revising the ‘forgotten histories’ that changed the course of modern history.

Kedr Livansky x Kirill Zakomoldin
Currently working on a series of visuals for Kedr’s new album ‘Your Need’. The texts containing lyrics and visual elements designed by Kirill will add to the sensetive aura of the album’s sound.

The presentation of The Daily Climate Show
@ Moscow’s The Rooms by WeSeeItems

One Point Five Degrees x Nuehaus Program
Het Niuewe Instituu, Rotterdam

At the beginning of this academic year, a group of graphic design students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy evaluated and redesigned the content of the IPCC report on climate change. The students will compile, print and bind their new version of the report on location in Neuhaus for distribution during the exhibition period. During this production process, there will be several opportunities to reflect upon the content in order to expand on it further and include the input of Neuhaüsler.

Publishing a book: Being Inc (With Johannes Reisigl)The book can be acessed in the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s library.

The Daily Climate Show [In development]
Based on the IPCC report I will be constructing an imaginary scenario for the future of the Earth and the new climate, where some of the  pathways of 1.5ºC climate change prevention were implemented, and some were not.

The New Building TypefaceThe process of designing characters is based on the 3D-scans of construction structures on the site of the new Gerrit Academie’s building. The typeface consists of their visual and experimental holistic combinations and therefore, its form is irregular and unpredictable. The outcome, however, reflects the features of scanned forms. Constructing of the FedLev building and the transformation, that it caused on one’s perception of space, is the primary inspiration of the project.

Candlelight Show @ The Butcher’s Tears‘DO NOT BLOW’ 12 students of the GRA Graphic Design Department take over Butchers Tears showcasing a series of tea light holders and giving form to a night full of light, sound and space. Realised by Vica Allakhverdyan, Filip Birkner, Ossip Blits, Joyce Chang, Camilla Kövecses, Mona Mercier, Youngjin Park, Johannes Reisigl, Eleonora Šljanda, Swani Vinton, Virginia Vivaldi, Kirill Zakomoldin. Curated by Felicia von Zweigbergk

Chaos is potential. Small world, that's us.
Squaring the triangle. Chemical wedding. Palm of victory.

‘The Anatomy of Virtual Unreality’
For the Uncut 2018
: Feel and Touch in an Unreal World @ The Stedelijk Museum. From 21st to 24th of March 2018 ‘The Anatomy of Virtual Unreality’, dedicated to this year’s theme of the conference festival ‘Hold Me Now - Feel and Touch in an Unreal World' will be shown in the Stedelijk Museum. The work will be exhibited in three mediums: video, material object, and text for the group publication.

Curating the front page @ Rietveld Academie From 29th of January’18 until the 5th of February’18 the front page of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie will be curated by Kirill Zakomoldin. He will highlight some of his recent projects made during his studies in the academy.

Y-tho, the revolutionary bot
A group project by Klara Eneroth, Swan Sic, and Kirill Zakomoldin.
We noticed is that 99% of the bots are given female names, as well as femininely coded attributes. We also noticed the desire to visualize these bots as female fantasies in technology aesthetics. WHY THOUGH. Our opinion is the bots will never be human and therefore they should not try acquiring humanlike aesthetics. Nevertheless, there aren't genuinely any technical boundaries anymore forcing the aesthetics to look so technological. The technology looks to establish the uncomfortable distance. We think if the bots are given their own shape, then we could maybe appreciate them for them and not feel as intimidated and frightened of competition.

Stencil workshop x Track Line B.V.
In December of 2017, Jan Tomson, an Estonian designer and composer, organized a workshop with Track Line, the Dutch road marking company. About 30 students of graphic design department from Gerrit Rietveld Academie have participated and produced a letter or a symbol of the alphabet. The purpose of this workshop was to construct a new experimental alphabet and use it create an art space on one of Amsterdam's playgrounds.
Stencil designs by Kirill Zakomoldin and Lisa Arkhangelskaya

Selection of screenshots by Jan Tomson

HAVE A NICE LIVE @ the Radial Gallery
A 360º digital work made in the collobaration with a ukranian musician john object was browdcasted on the Radial Gallery facebook page and their website on the 9th of December 2017. The full recording of the work is available here.

Lil Peep tribute @ the Red Light Radio Live broadcast on the red light radio in collaboration with Jim Klock /April 2018.  [Cancelled]